Options and Pricing

Auckland Pet Party Options from $250:


Your Place:

Choose from  1 – 1.5 hours packed full of amazing animals and awesome activities at your home or venue.

1hr at your place $360
1.5hrs at your place $410

Includes travel to your Auckland venue (Hibiscus Coast, North Shore, Central Auckland suburbs), set-up and pack-up.


Our Place: (just 10 mins from the Silverdale offramp)

Come to our Stanmore Bay venue for fun animal activities and see ALL the pets.

Either come along just for animal activities or bring your party food and use our party tables afterward.

1hour activities only at our place  $310

1.5 hours activities only $360

Wendy's is almost next door, McDonald's is very close, as is Burger Fuel, Subway, and Sushi.


1.5 hours with party tables set up and use of facilities $395

2 hours with party tables set up and use of facilities $450

Around 30 minutes of your time is allocated to party food, cake etc.


Keep your weekends free with our special pricing for term-time after school parties at our venue:

1 hour just $250, 1.5 hours $310

After school parties can run anytime from 3.30pm to 7pm start time and are available Tuesday through Friday. A great option for Friday night sleepovers, and for older children and teenagers wanting an evening activity.


Guest Numbers (including birthday child and brothers and sisters):

Your home or venue:

Where the birthday child is 5-7yrs: 10 children maximum

Where the birthday child is 8yrs or over: 12 children maximum


Small groups are fine too and means more individual time with the animals.


Our venue: up to 12 maximum


Please respect our maximum guest numbers. Larger numbers compromise animal welfare which means the party will not proceed.

Not suitable for babies and toddlers



Parties are presented in an 'age appropriate' way with parties for older children and teenagers including more animal information but still lots of fun. We also do parties and events for grown ups - everyone loves our animals!

To book or for more information email info@petparty.co.nz


Are Pet Parties suitable for the under fives?

Pet Parties are most suitable for school age children, teenagers and even adults. Minimum age for birthdays is 5yrs. 3yr olds attending must have a parent with them.

Not suitable for party guests under 3yrs for animal welfare reasons.





Is my child too old for a pet party?


As long as your child or teenager has an interest in animals, a pet party is going to be great fun. We adjust how we present party activities according to age so that no-one feels 'babied'. Information about the different animals is age appropriate and we encourage lots of questions. The birthday person is encouraged to choose their own activities and have as much input as they like into their day. We can also go with a theme such as a 'Reptile Party' where we focus on the many lizards and turtles and other weird and wonderful creatures. We can also run animal care workshops for you.


Is it just for girls?


Not at all. Boys and girls both enjoy everything from lizards to guinea pig hairstyles.



Will the children learn about the animals or is it just 'fun'?


All our staff love to share their knowledge and passion for animals with our party guests. We have an endless amount of fun facts about all our animal stars and can answer all your questions throughout the party.


Will it cost less for fewer children?


As we allocate the same time and resources to all parties, pricing remains the same. The big advantage is that smaller groups get more time with the animals and we can sometimes fit extra activities in.


Can I invite more than 10-12 guests?


Sorry, no. A pet party involves a variety of very special small pets and exotic creatures being available for a unique hands on experience. The animals are small, delicate, some are rather expensive and all are very special. We have a responsibility to the animals to keep them safe and need to supervise all interactions as well as keeping noise levels under control. Large groups become very noisy and are too difficult for the party host to manage  animal interaction safely.


Will the children get bitten or scratched?


Our animals are all very tame and friendly and well behaved. Most are also fairly small and can be handled easily. We emphasise the importance of children listening to instructions and remaining calm as it is only if an animal is handled roughly that it may bite. Rabbits and lizards may be a little scratchy from time to time so children have a cushion on their lap during their animal encounters. We maintain a high level of supervision throughout.


Payment terms:

50% deposit to be paid upon booking and remainder payable at least 5 days prior to event.

Cancellation: Cancellations received 4 weeks or more prior to the event will receive a full refund. Cancellations on the day due to illness will be rescheduled as soon as possible when a medical certificate is presented. All other cancellations will result in forfeiture of deposit.  All attempts will be made to reschedule should circumstances be out of your control.