In-School Educational Workshops + Events

In-School Workshops

In the words of David Attenborough:

"Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity of life on earth and can motivate a sense of responsibility to safeguard it."

From pet care workshops through to animal career days for senior secondary, we tailor the experience to your topic or area of interest. Popular themes include animal diversity and animal groups, animal art classes, creative writing, endangered animals and responsible pet-keeping. All our workshops have a high level of student involvement, and clear learning outcomes. With both popular pets and exotic animals, students love learning with us.

Curriculum friendly, interactive, and fun!


Animal Diversity Workshop - Suitable for Year 0-10

Take a trip through the animal kingdom from invertebrates through fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, all with real 'live' representatives. Learn about animal adaptations and survival strategies. Look, touch, and learn!



Introduction to Pets and Pet Care - Suitable for Year 0-10

Students create animal habitats meeting the needs of pets and consider the challenges of captivity. Hands-on fun and learning with traditional pets as well as lizards, tortoises, chinchillas and more. Includes dog safety message and training demonstration with our talented pups.



Endangered Animals - Suitable for Year 0-10

Learn why animals become endangered, how to play your part and what's being done to protect animals worldwide. See and touch examples of animals that are endangered in the wild. An informative workshop taught age appropriately at all levels with lots of animal involvment from our creatures.



Creative Writing and Art Classes - all ages and levels

Animals are inspiring! From stories and reflections to works of art we bring a range of pets and exotic creatures to draw out every child's creativity.




We operate from the school hall or a spare classroom and run an hour session with consecutive classes (up to 25 children). From just $175 + gst per session with a minimum of 4 classes.

Alternatively choose our cost saving option of larger groups (2 classes up to 55) for 45 minute sessions. This option does not include handling due to the large number of children, however there will be some interaction and are still a special experience with lots of information and animals to see close up.


Introduction to Animal Care and Careers 'STAR' Workshop - Suitable for Year 10-13

An overview of career options working with animals and practical activities around care and handling of a number of species. Guest speakers regularly attend such as the NZ Police Dog Section, Unitech, NZ Customs Dogs, Veterinary professionals and more.

Next workshop is in November and fully booked with another planned for April 2018.

Government funding may be available through your school Careers office.



Holiday Programmes

If you run your own holiday program, we can come to you!

As well as running our own short workshops over most school holidays, we visit many community-based holiday programmes.



Entertainment for Functions and Events

From family gatherings through to corporate fun days, store openings, and community events, we provide a fascinating animal display, and the opportunity for visitors to your event to get up close with an amazing range of weird and wonderful creatures. (A sheltered area and vehicle access for unloading is required).


TV / Advertising / Media

Our animals have appeared on Good Morning, Breakfast, The Cafe, Chinese Television and in print and film advertising. Please contact us for more information.

Sally has written extensively on a range of animal topics for magazines and the NZ Herald, and is available for editorial contributions and opinion pieces.